All of the Flexitech teams incorporate safety, quality and environmental aspects into our processes and products at all stages, they are part of our everyday core values.


We continually work to reduce our environmental footprint, and our “Research and Innovation” team constantly strives to reduce the impact of our products, equipment and supplies.

All of our sites are ISO 14 001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to protecting the environment.

Flexitech is committed to working in partnership with the SBTi to limit the increase in global mean temperatures to below 2°C by the end of the century. This involves a clear commitment to achieving ambitious targets, particularly in terms of our carbon footprint.

EcoVadis, the leader in CSR assessment for “Environment, Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing”, awarded Flexitech Holding the silver medal in January 2023.


Flexitech has always made customer satisfaction a key priority and has built up partnerships over the last 40 years that are still ongoing, as well as new ones with the same desire to provide quality solutions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Flexitech has obtained many quality certifications to meet the requirements of different countries and customers: IATF, ISO 9 000.


Safety is central in our entire business. Our products are decisive in passenger safety for vehicles equipped with Flexitech products. All of our employees are proud to bear this noble responsibility.
Safety is central to all our products, processes and company culture.

We are ISO 45 001 certified, which proves we are always vigilant about health and safety at work.


Upholding our values are ethics are fundamental to Flexitech. We have made strong commitments to this approach with a detailed code of conduct and ethics (ESG) and we ensure that our suppliers and partners also comply with it.

It includes the obligation of impartiality and integrity, absolute respect for human rights and protection of the environment by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and reducing and treating our waste.